Founded 1888 - Running for 130 years

Coaches and club officials 2019-20
These are the volunteers who hold office in the club in some capacity and are entitled to attend monthly committee meetings without special invitation
Club officials
President and Membership Secretary Ian Mitchell
General Secretary Simon Crook
Finance Officer Neil Watson
YADAL (Yorkshire and District Athletics League) Team Manager Jody Greaves
Meetings Secretary David Owen
Events secretary and Track & Field Manager Steve Clark
Publicity Officer Owen Whitehead
Welfare/Child Protection Officer Victoria Steel
Coach Coordinator and Community/Schools Liaison Officer Eddie Berry
Junior Liaison Officer Tom Reed
Additional committee members  
Paul Fairburn

 Club constitution 2018 (changed 2018)
Coach UKA Qualification Specialism
Eddie Berry UKA Athletics Coach Sprints Coach and Coaching Coordinator
David Owen UKA Athletics Coach Junior Development Coach
Tom Reed UKA Athletics Coach Junior Development Coach
Richard Mair UKA Athletics Coach Sprints Coach
Ian Mitchell UKA Athletics Coach Senior (Endurance)
Paul Fairburn UKA Coaching Assistant Junior Development Coach
Team managers
Cross Country Manager and Mens' Road Captain Donald Kennedy
Track & Field (Senior) Steve Clark
Ladies' Road Captain Karen Mitchell
Yorkshire and District Athletics League (YADAL) Jody Greaves
Club Captain Francesca Robertson