Founded 1888 - Running for 130 years


Joining our club

The club is popular and we have a limited number of coaches, so for safety we are careful about numbers and you may be put on a waiting list. Please do not turn up on a training night without first contacting us. When there are places available to join you will be asked to attend a new members meeting at Leeds Road sports complex (main building) before your first training session (or bring your child to join - but they must be aged 9 or above). The first training session is free but after that you will be asked to complete our application form (available here) and pay the annual subscription fee (subs). Track fees* will apply each time you attend training. These are paid to one of our helpers at the desk in the entrance. Remember, membership requires a commitment to compete for the club.

Please note: The purpose of membership of an Athletics club is to enjoy the sport with others who are like-minded and in doing so compete for the club in track and field leagues, cross country or other competitons (see here). Keeping fit is a bonus, but the focus of our coaches is to help improve athletes for competitions. You wouldn't join a football club as a player intending never to take part in a match!

Annual Subscriptions:
Subscriptions are due on April 1st each year or when you first join. This provides British Athletics insurance and ensures fairness for all. New members will be allowed two weeks maximum before they must pay the club subscription, but must pay the track fee from the second time you attend. Anyone in arrears will not be able to compete until payment is received. Fees have been kept low to encourage athletes of all ages and all members of the community:

Age group Club subs. Fee for track use
Under 18s
(Anyone in full time Education/Training up to Year 13)
£25 per year £1.50 per session*
18+ £30 per year £3.00 per session*

* This is a fee set by Kirklees Council for the use of the facilities at Leeds Road Playing Fields. This charge is collected by a representative of the club on training nights in the Leeds Road playing fields building entrance lobby. An extra charge will be made for use of the showers


For competitions each club member must be registered with 'England Athletics' and pay the annual members affiliation fee of £15. For ease of administration, the club annual subscription rates include this fee and will increase to cover any rise. Athletes should ensure their subscriptions are paid in April so they are registered before competition starts

         Club colours:

These must be worn in all races. The club colours are shown in the image on the right and are the main ones used in this website. The vest is available for purchase from the club along with other items of club clothing. We keep a small number of club vests but all other items we may supply have to be ordered individually and will be purchased as a batch. Shorts and other clothing must be provided by the athete



Our full Privacy notice is available here

Child Protection

The club operates within the child protection policy approved by British Athletics and we have a designated child protection officer. All Coaches are DBS checked and are UK/British Athletics qualified.

Annual prize presentation/ Annual General Meeting

This is held in March to award achievement in all aspects of the sport. The AGM is held in the Autumn, usually November, for the election of officers, to fix subscription levels and agree any ammendments to club rules.

Club Constitution

This is reviewed, amended where necessary and approved at each Annual General meeting that takes place in November each year. The current version is in a word document here