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Club rules
Longwood Harriers hopes you will have a happy and successful time with the club. To help achieve this, and so that everyone can benefit, in joining the club, members are asked to accept the following basic expectations:

Athletes must be over 9 years of age
Athletes under 11 must be accompanied by a responsible adult or parent who can assist in the coaching and/or care of their child
The reason for attending sessions is clearly understood: for the purpose of being coached in Athletics in preparation for competition
Athletes must behave as directed by the coach and heed advice given at all times
When group sessions are in progress, the athlete must work within the confines of the group to enable essential supervision and care
Athletes must be paid-up Club members (see joining details)
Athletes will be paid up members of the NoEAA scheme through club subscription
Athletes are responsible for paying the correct tariff to the Club for training at the start of any training session
Athletes will wear the Club vest and red shorts when competing
Any race or events fees that are due, must be paid before the race or event entered
Athletes will dress appropriately for training - this may include waterproofs and Hi-Vis jackets

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Track Etiquette
The Athletics arena should be a safe training environment, however to ensure safety of each and everyone, certain guidelines should be followed.

When athletes have completed whatever distance they should ensure no-one is on their left and proceed immediately on to the inside of the track so as not to obstruct others
When jogging, walking or recovering athletes should always use outside lanes - for safety reasons (Athletes approaching from behind at speed can be a hazard)
Coaches should continually remind athletes how to respect the track and other Athletes. Coaches and assistants should avoid instructing whilst standing in the track lanes
It is especially important for coaches of junior athletes to remind them regularly of track etiquette

Any athlete deemed to be deliberately obstructive will be asked to leave the track for safety reasons

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