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Membership, Coaching and Training
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Once a member all Athletes are expected to train regularly and take part in local, county, regional and national competitions as appropriate, organised through the club. Individuals also compete in club colours in events they enter themselves. Taking part in competitions is a condition of continued membership and is reviewed each year on subscription renewal
We offer regular training (twice a week) and access to competitions; our aim is to give members experience of track and field athletics which they can enjoy throughout their lives, as competitors and perhaps even champions

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All Coaches at Longwood are UK Athletics qualified and they and other helpers give up their time unpaid. We rely on parents and older members being involved to support our activities, whether this is at training, at an event or with any expertise they may have. We can offer British Athletics training to those who may wish to become coaches or athletics officials; you don't need experience! Our purpose is to take part in competition; take a look at our current events on our events page to get an idea of what we do

In the Summer, Track & Field and Road Running are the norm. In the Winter our focus is on Cross Country with Road Running continuing throughout the year. Our main training details are given on below. Further details are given on our training summary page

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Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30p.m. for Juniors (up to 18), 7:00 p.m. for Seniors on a Tuesday only (In track season track use from 7:30 p.m.). Leeds Road Playing fields Huddersfield. Small track fee payable for track hire each session

Should you wish to join our club please contact the Membership Secretary or Club Secretary so you can be added to the waiting list (see 'Contact us' section). Please do not come down on a training night as sadly, with limited places, we will not be able to add you that way

We really need further help at training so all those on the waiting list can be accommodated
No experience is needed - just ask us at training

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